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Classroom Assessment

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Module 01: Performance Assessments: Design and Development
In this print module, Dr. Richard Stiggins presents and illustrates specific rules of test design in the form of a step-by-step strategy. Keywords: assessment design, classroom assessment, economy, performance assessment, reliability, validity
Module 02: Obtaining Intended Weights When Combining Students' Scores
In this print module, Dr. Albert C. Oosterhof describes how scores can be adjusted so that the intended weights are obtained. Keywords: classroom assessment, grading criteria, intended weights, combined scores, course grade, items, weights
Module 03: Reliability of Scores From Teacher-Made Tests
In this print module, Dr. David A. Frisbie discusses the reliability of teacher-made tests. Keywords: homogeneity, internal analysis, motivation, reliability, reliability coefficient, ​standardized testing, test scores
Module 04: Formula Scoring of Multiple-Choice Tests
In this print module, Dr. Robert B. Frary discusses formula scoring of multiple choice tests to correct for various influences of guessing behaviors. Keywords: correction, formula scoring, guessing, multiple-choice, partial information, speeded tests, test score
Module 05: Criterion-referenced Tests in Program Curriculum Evaluation
In this print module, Dr. Steven J. Osterlind describes how criterion-referenced tests (CRTs) can be used in program and curriculum evaluations for developing information to form judgments about educational programs and curricula. Keywords: criterion-referenced test, CRT, curriculum evaluation, program evaluation
Module 11: Portfolio Assessment and Instruction
In this print module, Dr. Judith A. Arter and Dr. Vicki Spandel clarify the notion of portfolio assessment and help users design such assessments in a thoughtful manner. Keywords: assessment methods, ​classroom assessment, portfolio assessment, portfolio design, principled assessment design
Module 12: High Quality Classroom Assessment
In this print module, Dr. Richard J. Stiggins promotes the understanding of differences between sound and unsound classroom assessment. Keywords: assessment methods, classroom assessment, principled assessment design, sound assessment, ​student achievement
Module 13: Developing a Personal Grading Plan
In this print module, Dr. David A. Frisbie and Dr. Kristie K. Waltman assist teachers in developing defensible grading practices that effectively and fairly communicate students' achievement status to their parents. Keywords: achievement status, ​classroom assessment, fairness, personal grading plan, parents, personal, student achievement