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Linking, Equating, & Scaling

Module 06: Equating Methods in Classical Test Theory
This ITEM module promoted a conceptual understanding of test form equating using traditional methods.
Module 10: Equating Methods in Item Response Theory
This ITEM module provides the basis for understanding the process of score equating through the use of item response theory (lRT).
Module 31: Scaling
This ITEM module describes different types of raw scores and scale scores, illustrates how to incorporate various sources of information into a score scale, and introduces vertical scaling and its related designs and methodologies as a special type of scaling.
Module 33: Population Invariance in Linking and Equating
This ITEM module provides a comprehensive overview of population invariance in linking and equating and the relevant methodology developed for evaluating violations of invariance.
Module 36: Quantifying Error and Uncertainty Reductions in Scaling Functions
‚ÄčThis ITEM module describes and extends X-to-Y regression measures that have been proposed for use in the assessment of X-to-Y scaling and equating results