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Other Modeling Frameworks

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Digital Module 08: Foundations of Operational Item Analysis
In this digital ITEMS module, Dr. Hanwook Yoo and Dr. Ronald K. Hambleton provide an accessible overview of operational item analysis approaches for dichotomously scored items within the frameworks of classical test theory and item response theory. Keywords: Classical test theory, CTT, corrections, difficulty, discrimination, distractors, item analysis, item response theory, operations, R Shiny, TAP, test development
Module 14: Generalizability Theory
In this print module, Dr. Robert L. Brennan introduces the framework and the procedures of generalizability theory using a hypothetical scenario involving writing proficiency. Keywords: analysis of variance, ANOVA, ​classical test theory, CTT, ​generalizability theory, g-theory, measurement procedure
Module 26: Structural Equation Modeling
In this print module, Dr. Pui-Wa Lei and Dr. Qiong Wu focus on foundational issues around structural equation modeling (SEM) and illustrate key ideas with examples. Keywords: estimation, factor, latent variable, measurement model, ​path model, ​structural equation modeling, SEM
Module 43: Data Mining for Classification and Regression
In this print module, Dr. Sandip Sinharay provides a review of data mining techniques for classification and regression, which is accessible to a wide audience in educational measurement. Keywords: bagging, boosting, classification and regression tree, CART, cross-validation error, data mining, ​predicted values, random forests, supervised learning, test error, TIMSS