Digital Module 22: Supporting Decisions with Assessment

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Recorded On: 03/04/2021

In this digital ITEMS module, Dr. Chad Gotch walks through different forms of assessment, from everyday actions that are almost invisible, to high-profile, annual, large-scale tests with an eye towards educational decision-making. At each stage, he illustrates the form of assessment with real-life examples, pairs it with ideal types of instructional or programmatic decisions, and notes common mismatches between certain decisions and forms of assessment. Teachers, administrators, and policymakers who complete the module will build a foundation to use assessment appropriately and effectively for the benefit of student learning. By going through they module, they will appreciate how assessment, when done well, empowers students and educators and, when done poorly, undermines foundational educational goals and sows anxiety and discord. The module contains audio-narrated slides, interactive exercises with illustrative videos, and a curated set of resources.

Keywords: assessment literacy, classroom assessment, decision-making, formative assessment, in-the-moment assessment, interim assessment, large-scale assessment, major milepost, periodic check-in, unit test


Digital Module (Version 1.0)
Recorded 03/04/2021
Recorded 03/04/2021 Full version of the interactive module with all resources, activities, and a glossary.
DM22 VIDEO (Introduction, Version 1.0)
Open to view video.
Open to view video. Video version of the introductory section of the digital module. [4 Minutes]
DM22 VIDEO (Section 1, Version 1.0)
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Open to view video. Video version of the first content section of the digital module. [8 Minutes]
DM22 VIDEO (Section 2, Version 1.0)
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Open to view video. Video version of the second content section of the digital module. [20 Minutes]
Exercise Documents
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Open to download resource. ZIP folder with all relevant documents for the five exercises in the third section of the digital module.

Chad Gotch

Washington State University

Chad Gotch is an Assistant Professor in the Educational Psychology program at Washington State University. His first experiences as a teacher came through environmental and informal science education for children during his undergraduate and Master’s degrees. After working in program assessment within university administration, Chad moved into the world of educational measurement and student assessment. Currently, he works to maximize appropriate and effective use of educational assessment. To this end, he studies the development of assessment literacy among both pre-service and in-service teachers, the communication of assessment results (e.g., score reporting), and the construction of validity arguments from both technical and non-technical evidence. These complementary lines of research inform the life cycle of assessment, from development to use and policy.

Chad previously partnered with NCME on the development of the Fundamentals of Classroom Assessment video for NCME ( At the university level, he teaches courses in educational statistics, educational measurement, and classroom assessment. Chad has served in an advisory role with the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction’s consolidated plan submission for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and as a consultant with the Oregon Department of Education in its teacher and administrator education efforts. He has worked with K-16 educators through both workshops and one-on-one consultation on various aspects of student assessment, and is the lead author of the chapter “Preparing Pre-Service Teachers for Assessment of, for, and as Learning” in the forthcoming book Teaching on Assessment from Information Age Publishing.

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