Module 17: Item Bank Development

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Use of item banking technology can provide much relief for the chores associated with preparing assessments; it may also enhance the quality of the items and improve the quality of the assessments. Item banking programs provide for item entry and storage, item retrieval and test creation, and maintenance of the item history. Some programs also provide companion programs for scoring, analysis, and reporting. There are many item banking programs that may be purchased or leased, and there are banks of items available for purchase. This module is designed to help those who develop assessments of any kind to understand the process of item banking, to analyze their needs, and to find or develop programs and materials that meet those needs. It should be useful to teachers at all levels of education and to school-district test directors who are responsible for developing district-wide tests. It may also provide some useful information for those who are responsible for large-scale assessment programs of all types.

Keywords: assessment development, item bank, item retrieval, item quality, parameter, standardized testing, test development


Module 17: GuidelinesĀ· for the Development of Item Banks
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