Our Advisory Board:

Many thanks to these colleagues for donating their time and expertise:

- Terry Ackerman, University of Iowa 

- Deborah Bandalos, James Madison University

- Derek Briggs, University of Colorado at Boulder


- Jodi Casabianca-Marshall, ETS

- Ikkyu Choi, ETS

- Kristen DiCerbo, Khan Academy

- Bob Dolan, Diverse Learners Consulting

- Andreas Frey, Friedrich-Schiller University Jena

- Howard Everson, SRI

- Richard Feinberg, NBME

- Holmes Finch, Ball State University

- Matt Gaertner, WestEd

- Ron Hambleton, University of Massachusetts Amherst

- Kristen Huff, Curriculum Associates

- Yoon Jeon Kim, MIT Teaching Systems Lab

- Jacqueline Leighton, University of Alberta

- William Lorie, Capital Metrics

- Maria Elena Oliveri, Independent Consultant

- Mike Sao Pedro, Apprendis

- Thao T. Vo, Washington State University

- Amanda Wolkowitz, Alpine Testing

If you would like to volunteer for our advisory board, please contact us!