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Reliability & Validity

Digital Module 01: Reliability in Classical Test Theory
​In this digital ITEMS module Charlie Lewis and Michael Chajewski provide a two-part introduction to the topic of reliability from the perspective of classical test theory (CTT).
Digital Module 02: Scale Reliability in Structural Equation Modeling
​In this digital ITEMS module Greg Hancock and Ji An provide an overview of scale reliability from the perspective of structural equation modeling (SEM) and address some of the limitations of Cronbach’s α.
Module 03: Reliability of Scores From Teacher-Made Tests
This ITEM module discussed the reliability of teacher-made tests.
Module 08: Reliability in Classical Test Theory
This ITEM module illustrated the idea of consistency with reference to two sets of test scores.
Module 09: Standard Error of Measurement
This ITEM module describes the standard error of measurement (SEM), important concept in classical testing theory applications.