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Item Response Theory

Digital Module 03: Nonparametric Item Response Theory
In this digital ITEMS module Dr. Stefanie Wind introduces the framework of nonparametric item response theory (IRT), in particular Mokken scaling, which can be used to evaluate fundamental measurement properties with less strict assumptions than parametric IRT models.
Module 07: Comparison of 1-, 2-, and 3-Parameter IRT Models
‚ÄčThis ITEM module discusses the 1-, 2-, and 3-parameter logistic item response theory models.
Module 16: Comparison of Classical Test Theory and Item Response Theory
This ITEM module provides a nontechnical comparison of classical test theory and item response theory.
Module 35: Polytomous Item Response Theory Models
This ITEMS module provides an accessible overview of polytomous IRT models.
Module 39: Polytomous Item Response Theory Models: Problems with the Step Metaphor
The Problem With the Step Metaphor for Polytomous Models for Ordinal Assessments
Module 40: Item Fit Statistics for Item Response Theory Models
This ITEM module provides an overview of methods used for evaluating the fit of IRT models.
Module 45: Mokken-scale Analysis
This instructional module provides an introduction to MSA as a probabilistic-nonparametric framework in which to explore measurement quality, with an emphasis on its application in the context of educational assessment.